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Hi! I'm Earl Gray. I'm a coach. Lets take your next step together.


Breakthrough Your Walls

Gain Confidence

Be a more effective Leader


How I help

I help people and organizations find their way forward. It can be really challenging to feel like an imposter. I know it can be paralyzing, but I come beside you to with years of training to get you moving again.


What Could Your Future Look Like?

If you were free of the past, unintimidated by the future, and had the ability to know the the simple happiness of enjoying a moment in that moment, how would your life be different than it is now?


Its Time to Get Unstuck

Things could stay the same or you could be finished with faking it. Setup a free consultation with me today to start getting unstuck.


Client Reviews

Earl conducted a group coaching session for our staff development day. The goal of the day was to empower our staff to make their own improvements in the library, both physically and functionally.
The day was highly successful. Earl’s relaxed style, his ability to ask the right questions, led the staff through the process of “owning the library”. They left feeling energized, empowered and excited about their work and they had fun. I could have not asked for a better outcome.
— Andrea Berstler
My top three words to describe working with Earl: INSPIRING, RESOURCEFUL, GIVING!
Each time I meet with Earl, I leave wanting to be better than I was when I sat down. I have unexpected clarity and am able to focus on the challenges ahead with fresh insights and pure inspiration. It’s as if he just took my old black and white TV and turned it into a 1080P!
His coaching style is based on resourcefulness and giving. Earl coaches with a greater purpose in mind, giving back to our communities is an essential piece of his business model, and his life.
I whole-heartedly recommend Earl as a coach, you will be amazed at yourself and all you can accomplish with his support.
— Aime Self